Sadaf Petroleum Kabul Ltd.

Sadaf Petroleum Kabul Limited (SPK) was founded in 2005 as an outgrowth of capabilities present in SMN Investments Holdings, in response to strong market demand for fuels in Afghanistan’s rapidly developing economy. SPK now supplies diesel, aviation and petrol throughout the country.

  • Total annual supply of fuels exceeds 80 million liters, including both public sector and private sector clients.
  • Workforce of more than 250 employees throughout Afghanistan.
  • Annual growth of the company for each of its first three years exceeded 100%
  • Projected annual growth is expected to increase from 2009 onward.
  • SPK maintains and operates facilities with a total combined storage capacity exceeding 6.5 million liters.
  • In line with its projected growth and rapidly improving supply lines, SPK will add more than 30 million liters of fuel storage capacity in 2009 (currently in development) to become the largest Afghan-owned fuel supply company in the country.
  • Operations Overview

Annual supply of fuel exceeds 80 million liters throughout Afghanistan. While the client list of SPK is a diverse one, including many different companies, organizations and agencies of various sizes, Table 1., below, summarizes some of the major contracts in SPK’s current book of business.

  • Storage
  • SPK has constructed a state-of-the-art 1.5-million liter fuel storage facility in Kabul. All the equipment installed at the fuel depot was purchased from U.S. and German manufacturers.
  • This facility exceeds US Government fuel storage and handling standards for both diesel and aviation products
  • This capability allows SPK to compete for any fuel contract in the public and private market.

Additionally, SPK leases 3.5 million liters of diesel fuel storage capacity and 700,000 liters of petrol storage capacity in various strategic locations, including: Herat, Hairatan, Jalalabad and Kandahar.

  • Fuel Sources
  • SPK imports quality fuel from multiple sources, primarily from Turkmenistan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, including both winterized and summer diesel fuels.
  • The company operates a successful “just-in-time” system ensuring 24-hour availability of fuel 365 days a year.
  • SPK has consistently delivered winterized diesel that meets this requirement to the U.S. Army and ANA installations since being founded three years ago.
  • SPK has a wide range of supply for diesel, aviation and petrol fuels
  • As a result, SPK has a proven reputation for reliability while experiencing significant expansion of its client base.
  • Safety, Security for a Long-Term relationship

SPK is a leading supplier of fuel and is committed to maintaining long-term relationships with all its clients. Our mission remains supply of the highest quality fuels in whatever quantity and whenever required to any destination in Afghanistan. Our extensive capabilities and well-documented track record prove this and we believe that our significant ongoing growth is the direct result of SPK’s continued focus on the satisfaction of our clients, first and foremost.

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