Rawnaq Logistics

Rownaq Logistic Company (RLC) was established in 2006 under the laws of Afghanistan investment support Agency, by having registration license number D25040. Since the establishment of Rownaq Logistic Company (RLC) & particularly during the past one year, RLC obtained many contracts from various companies like DynCorp International Afghanistan, China Railway Shisuji Group, Louise Berger Group Inc/ Black & Veatch J.V (USAID), DAI/LGCD Kabul Afghanistan and DynCorp international State of Air wing Program. RLC also works together with Sadaf Petroleum Kabul for supply of fuel to PAE/NIU Compound, US Army/Ministry of Defense across the country, DynCorp/Ministry of interior, Olive Security, Saladin Security, SSSI Security Company, ISS Security Company, French Medical Institute for Children, Cure Hospital, Kabul Serena Hotel, National Army, RM Asia and Roshan Antenna across the country. RLC also worked as sub-contract for Fayz Construction company, and obtain many construction project from different companies. This document outlines services that Rownaq Logistic Company Ltd (RLC) is able to provide for its customers. We strongly believe that every successful outcome of a project is proportionate to professionalism, expertise and dedication of people involved in that project and we can ensure such people. Today RLC has the honor to work with companies such as International DynCorp, Louise Berger Group Inc/ Black & Veatch J.V (USAID), China Railway Company, Shisuji Group Corporation, DynCorp International State of Air wing Program, and as a partner with Sadaf petroleum Kabul to name some. RLC has representation and subcontractors in many provinces within Afghanistan to better coordinate and facilitate its activities inside the country.

For more information please visit Rawnaq Logistic’s official website: http://www.rawnaqlogistic.com/