Fayz Construction Company Ltd.

Fayz Construction Company Ltd (FCC) was originally established in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on 1995 and gradually moved its office in Mazar- I- Sharif, Afghanistan on 2002 to serve the neighboring districts and provinces In Mazar-I-Sharif as well as north of Afghanistan.Successful performance of procurement and delivery of engineering materials and plant will require effective management and resources in which our business reputation and experience in the marketplace allows us to locate subcontractors, buy or lease engineering materials and plant locally as well as from the neighboring countries, as needed.

Our financial strength and our lines of credit enable us to carry the cost of subcontractors while invoices are reviewed, approved and processed by our partners. We understand the local Government, international organization safety standards contracting procedures, reporting requirements and Quality Service Levels.

We have sufficient number of professional skill workers including international Consultant/Engineers in different sectors locally as well as expertise from Germany, Russia, India and Tajikistan. Our corporate management is service oriented, responsive and responsible. Fayz Co. Ltd can deliver the international style service that is expected with full responsibility.

FAYZ Co LTd organizational structure consists of Head Office, Engineering Department, Planning Department, Finance Department, Survey and Design Department as well as Logistics. FAYZ Co LTd is guided by Board of Director General and his management team, which is comprised of all department and section heads, carries out its management and operations.

For more information please visit FCC’s official website: http://www.fayz-fcc.com.af/