SMN Investments

SMN Investments is a privately held group of companies with a major market presence across various economic sectors in Afghanistan since 2000. Among the group’s principal capacities are:

  • Financial Services and Insurance
  • Fuel Storage and Distribution
  • Retail FMCG and Wholesale Consumer Warehousing
  • Professional Services
  • Transportation and Logistic Services
  • Construction, Design and Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Telecom Services
  • Mining
  • General Trading
  • Manufacturing/Agriculture

SMN Highlights:

SMN has pioneered the insurance industry in Afghanistan and is the only fully licensed private insurance company. The company has secured over $20 Billion in reinsurance commitments from the London market and recently delivered coverage for Aynak Copper Mine ($3.6b investment).

SMN delivers fuel to both the private and public sectors and delivers to over 1,500 locations in all provinces across the country with its own fleet of tankers.

SMN has three major retail supermarkets designed as hypermarkets and provides consumables to multinationals and embassies. Finest Supermarket continues to be expanded across the country.

SMN has won several major tenders in the mining sector and currently has a significant Gold mining project in Northern Afghanistan.

SMN is the largest distributor of telecom services in Afghanistan. SMN’s construction projects are building roads, airport and military camps across Afghanistan. SMN has invested in manufacturing by processing licorice into pharmaceutical product.

SMN Strategy:

SMN believes in the strength of strategic alliances with select multinationals, key local enterprises and the Afghan government. The Group is committed to re-invest in select sectors and vertical and horizontal integration to capture more of the value chains in which it operates. SMN’s growth will continue to be achieved by:

  • Global standard corporate governance
  • Installation of world class technical and professional capacities
  • Market differentiation through key partnerships and quality services and products
  • Providing innovation solutions for its clients and partnerships