Abadgar Design, Engineering and Construction Firm

Abadgar Road & Building service was founded by Aziz Mobarez in Kabul Afghanistan in 2004 as a consulting Architectural and an engineering company.

The company was founded on the idea of exploiting numerous construction opportunities which occurred with the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

In 2005 and 2006 the company accomplished different types of design and construction project independently in cooperation with other construction companies as a joint venture or sub contractor.

For better organization of the company and participating in large size project, in 2007 ABADGAR changed its legal status, capital, main activities, and brought new share holders.

For becoming an important player in a competitive environment which is the large size construction project, Abadgar hired a new, professional staff including engineers, finance specialists, technicians and administration personal it is also introducing new technology and equipments, modern methods of design, planning, implementing projects and quality control.

The company is intended to use its financial resource with efficiency and excellent pacification to stand to increasing competition.

It’s objective is to enter the large scale, high quality construction project market and realize 10 million dollars turnover in 2008 mostly in asphalted urban or regional roads, large size commercial and industrial buildings, hangars, and airport rehabilitation.

Abadgar is bringing together a variety of experienced people of different field of civil engineering to chieve the highest quality of design and construction in Afghanistan.

Abadgar is researching to find the best solution for the increasing problems of construction in Afghanistan. To find and select the best construction materials from the economical, technical and environmental points of view